Legislative Priorities

Please see the following documents for information on the LISD Council of PTAs' focused legislative priorities (adequate and equitable school funding, STAAR, state accountability system, and opposition to vouchers) as well as the broader Texas PTA legislative priorities. We'll need your help to advocate for our children.

LISD Council Priorities 85th Legislative Session Texas PTA Legislative Priorities 2017

Tx PTA priorities

How to Log on to the Texas Legislature Online

The Lewisville ISD Council of PTAs is a noncommercial, nonsectarian-nonpartisan organization that promotes the welfare of children and youth. The LISD Council of PTAs does not endorse any candidate or political party. The actions of legislative bodies can have a profound effect on the education and well-being of children, and Texas PTA serves as the voice for Texas children in many legislative endeavors. Texas PTA supports legislation that improves health, well-being and educational opportunities for every child. Successful implementation of our legislative positions is characterized by people working together to assure wise legislative decisions through knowledge of the process and an understanding of the issues.  


Guidelines for Developing Resolutions and Legislative Positions

As you know, advocacy is an integral part of PTA’s mission.  A significant member benefit is having a voice in proposing positions and resolutions.  Please take time to read the important information below so your Local PTA or Council can make an informed decision about submitting a position or resolution.

The Board of Directors of Texas PTA reserves the right to reject a resolution/ legislative position for any reason deemed necessary for the best interest of the Texas/National PTA.


What is a Legislative Position?

A legislative position is a statement outlining the opinion, will or intent of the association to address statewide problems, situations or concerns that affect children and youth.  A position statement usually requires initial action to seek resolution on the issue, but the position is sometimes maintained, even when action has been taken, to substantiate the continuing will of the association.


What is a Resolution?

A resolution is an original main motion which, because of its importance, length, or complexity, is submitted in writing. Resolutions call for action by the Texas PTA or its constituent bodies (areas, councils or local units). Resolutions seek to address problems, situations or concerns which affect children and youth and which require action for solution.


Why Submit a Resolution or Legislative Position?

Texas PTA resolutions and legislative positions seek to address problems, situations or concerns that affect children and youth statewide and require statewide action to be resolved. Positions and resolutions that receive approval from the delegates at the Texas PTA Annual Meeting each year become part of the Texas PTA’s legislative agenda. Board members, volunteers and staff use this agenda – the voice of our membership – to persuade legislators and government officials to enact PTA’s positions into law.


How Long Are They Effective?

Texas PTA resolutions and legislative positions remain effective for five years after adoption at a Texas PTA Annual Meeting. They may be reaffirmed, if necessary. Legislative positions may be withdrawn once the requested legislation is enacted.


Who Submits a Resolution or Legislative Position?

Local PTAs, Councils or the Texas PTA Board of Directors may submit resolutions or legislative positions for consideration at the Texas PTA annual meeting. The resolution or legislative position must have been presented to and adopted by the voting body of the submitting group.


When Are They Submitted?

The resolution or legislative position submission package must be sent to the Texas PTA Office, to be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 16, 2015.

By mail:  Texas PTA, Attention: Lisa Holbrook, 408 W. 11th Street, Austin, TX, 78701

By email:  presidentelect@txpta.org


What Criteria Must They Meet?

Each resolution or legislative position submitted to the Texas PTA is subject to consideration by the Advocacy Committee of the Texas PTA Board of Directors and must meet the following criteria:

  • Concern the mission and vision of Texas PTA;

  • Be in harmony with national and state PTA policies – noncommercial, nonpartisan, nonsectarian;

  • Concern a matter of national or state scope, not merely local interest;

  • Request action that is both physically and financially feasible for Texas PTA to undertake; and

  • State a position not previously adopted by Texas PTA.


What Must be Submitted?

  • The submission must include the signatures of the PTA president and secretary and indicate the date on which the proposal was adopted by the originating group.

  • The resolution or legislative position itself.

  • A rationale statement (one page or less) summarizing the issue and the need for the requested action.

  • Background materials, documenting each “whereas” clause in a resolution or each statement in a legislative position.

  • This material should indicate that the subject was well researched by the submitting group and should be sufficient to give a person with no previous knowledge of the subject enough information to make an intelligent decision. The material must be unbiased and well balanced and may include PTA-related information such as statements or policies; copies of document research, pertinent laws, surveys or statistics; and copies of relevant articles from publications. Newspaper articles and editorials alone are not sufficient background material.