Congratulations to all the participants for their creative expressions for the Reflections theme “I Will Change the World by…”

With positive recognition as the focus of this program, rather than competition, students of all ages and abilities have told unique stories through literature, visual arts, photography, music, film production and dance choreography.

There are 23 District winners advancing to State in respective art categories and grade levels. Final results will be announced on March 15 via the Texas PTA website.

LISD PTA appreciates all the students as well as the volunteers, teachers and parents for their participation and hard work. Reflections would not be successful without their dedication.

Student Name Art CategoryGrade LevelTitle of WorkAward Designations
Adeline BirchFilm ProductionPrimary The Earth and All the KidsAward of Excellence
Mackenzie DowningFilm ProductionPrimary I Will Save the World By Helping OthersAward of Merit
Reese O’NeilVisual ArtsPrimary Keep the World CleanParticipation
Camilla SchiavoneVisual ArtsPrimary The Flower BonnetParticipation
Kampbell KilgoreVisual ArtsPrimary KindnessParticipation
Riya ChakravarthyVisual ArtsPrimary I will change the world by cleaning up the oceanParticipation
Molly GreeneVisual ArtsPrimary Love TransformsHonorable Mention
Ethan ManayathVisual ArtsPrimary Save NatureParticipation
Kelly WangVisual ArtsPrimary The World of KindnessAward of Excellence
Samiq RajaniVisual ArtsPrimary Save the EarthAward of Merit
Aliza NadeemVisual ArtsPrimary I Will Change the World with KindnessAward of Merit
Everly LintonVisual ArtsPrimary I can shine my light in the DarknessAward of Merit
Olivia AdamsVisual ArtsPrimary Changing the worldParticipation
Riley CampbellVisual ArtsPrimary Helping CitizensHonorable Mention
Harper LeVisual ArtsPrimary Loving the EarthParticipation
Lucy WestVisual ArtsPrimary The Basket of FoodParticipation
Elise SchulteVisual ArtsPrimary Tree LifeHonorable Mention
Audrey HollawayVisual ArtsPrimary Street of KindnessParticipation
Ward JonesVisual ArtsPrimaryMy RobotParticipation
Noah MathewPhotographyPrimary Caring For The WorldAward of Merit
Daphne WestPhotographyPrimary The GardenAward of Excellence
Zoe ReedMusic CompositionPrimary Change The WorldAward of Excellence
Dhruti DeshpandeLiteraturePrimary I can help change the worldAward of Merit
Devan MopartyLiteraturePrimary If I Could Change the WorldAward of Excellence
Oliver CaldwellLiteraturePrimary The kindness ListHonorable Mention
Lauren BurchLiteraturePrimary The Kindess RockHonorable Mention
Raghav BalamuruganDance ChoreograhpyPrimary Change People’s PerceptionAward of Excellence
Taylor MorganFilm Production IntermediateSmall Steps can make a big differenceHonorable Mention
Nadia GarzaFilm Production IntermediateI will change the world….by being someone else's rainbowAward of Excellence
Charlotte GriestFilm Production IntermediateDoing Good can Change the WorldAward of Merit
Harrison GiepFilm Production IntermediateSpreading Kindness By The NumbersHonorable Mention
Maia BuchananFilm Production IntermediateI will change the world by helpiing others.Award of Merit
Mia CammFilm Production IntermediateI Can Change the World by An Act of Kindness Participation
Casey MayesVisual ArtsIntermediateClean the OceanParticipation
Christine MoonVisual ArtsIntermediateKeeping my World Clean and GreenHonorable Mention
Karina SirabonianVisual ArtsIntermediateKindness for EarthParticipation
Isabelle MathewVisual ArtsIntermediateOne Step at a timeParticipation
Sydney DunsonVisual ArtsIntermediateI will change the world by one kind worldParticipation
Madeline BellVisual ArtsIntermediateSunset IslandParticipation
Alisha AhmedVisual ArtsIntermediateThe Cleaning AntsAward of Merit
Cadence GenovaVisual ArtsIntermediateBe the ChangeParticipation
Katherine MattisVisual ArtsIntermediateI can change the worldParticipation
Lillian WrightVisual ArtsIntermediateKeep the ocean cleanAward of Merit
Elizabeth EllisVisual ArtsIntermediateBeing KindAward of Merit
Lanie WilsonVisual ArtsIntermediateSave Our SeasHonorable Mention
Austen LeeVisual ArtsIntermediateWorking Together to Make Things BetterAward of Excellence
Emma LemireVisual ArtsIntermediateA Plan To Change - EncouragementParticipation
Navya GuptaVisual ArtsIntermediateSaving the Ocean a Bucket at a TimeAward of Merit
Pavishna BalamuruganVisual ArtsIntermediateWe Need to BreatheParticipation
Matias ParkVisual ArtsIntermediateSpreading Love to the WorldParticipation
Ava DavisVisual ArtsIntermediateThings to Make the World BetterParticipation
Emilia SparksVisual ArtsIntermediateSpreading Kindness Throughout the WorldHonorable Mention
Leigha DowelsVisual ArtsIntermediateClean Our WorldHonorable Mention
Addelyn CortezVisual ArtsIntermediateI Can Change the World By Stopping PollutionAward of Merit
Rina CummingsVisual ArtsIntermediateStitching Up SadnessAward of Merit
Carla Brafa MusicoroVisual ArtsIntermediateIn the Palm of my HandsParticipation
Braja YanklewiczVisual ArtsIntermediateConnecting Each Other, Means Helping Each OtherAward of Merit
Lizzie AbelVisual ArtsIntermediateRecycle to Save our EarthParticipation
Cristian DavilaVisual ArtsIntermediateThe Cycle of KindnessAward of Merit
Everett ReedPhotographyIntermediateGod’s CreaturesHonorable Mention
Zuri StewartPhotographyIntermediateRecycling for ETERNITY!!!!!!!Award of Merit
Ben NovotaPhotographyIntermediateSupporting AmericaParticipation
Grant CaldwellPhotographyIntermediateThe Trash PickupParticipation
Rayan NabiPhotographyIntermediateCrystal MindAward of Excellence
Austen WoodPhotographyIntermediatePicking  Up LitterAward of Merit
Isabelle MathewMusic CompositionIntermediateChangeAward of Merit
Kevin Burbank-GonzalezMusic CompositionIntermediateWalking alongHonorable Mention
Darren ZhaoMusic CompositionIntermediateHappy Holiday!Award of Excellence
Campbell JohnsonLiteratureIntermediateBe KindAward of Merit
Claire WalshLiteratureIntermediateThe World Relies On YouAward of Merit
Saavin ShethLiteratureIntermediateControlling the WeatherHonorable Mention
Emma CarpenterLiteratureIntermediateI will change the worldAward of Excellence
Myka HoughtonLiteratureIntermediateHow we changed the WorldHonorable Mention
Alyssa WaldronLiteratureIntermediateStart With KidsHonorable Mention
Arianna MatthewLiteratureIntermediateI Can Make a ChangeParticipation
Caroline HamiltonDance ChoreographyIntermediateWord UpHonorable Mention
Dakotah HayesDance ChoreographyIntermediateSoulful Dance of PeaceAward of Merit
Ella PerryDance ChoreographyIntermediateChanging the World's HeartAward of Excellence
Tanvi Reddy PadalaFilm Production Middle School Go Green- Let's Stop Global Warming! Award of Excellence
Wing Hei FungVisual ArtsMiddle School I Will Change the World By Protecting the Environment Honorable Mention
Ellie KimVisual ArtsMiddle School CaringAward of Excellence
Oriana Garcia PerezVisual ArtsMiddle School Trust, Your Not Alone Honorable Mention
Hailey MartinVisual ArtsMiddle School We only have each otherParticipation
Srishma  PasupuletiVisual ArtsMiddle School A Greener, Cleaner, Future Participation
Sara SheehyVisual ArtsMiddle School Change the WorldHonorable Mention
Anebelle UngVisual ArtsMiddle School The Sustainable Iris Honorable Mention
Isabella ParkVisual ArtsMiddle School MicroscopicAward of Merit
Haeum JangVisual ArtsMiddle School Tears of Polar BearAward of Merit
Taryn ElmerVisual ArtsMiddle School I will change the worldParticipation
Lillie YbarraVisual ArtsMiddle School The Lunar ForestParticipation
Tanvi Reddy PadalaPhotographyMiddle School Kindness: A Universal Language That Can Change the World!Award of Excellence
Anika AgrawalMusic CompositionMiddle SchoolStandardsAward of Excellence
Saanvi  SharmaLiteratureMiddle School The Process of Changing our WorldHonorable Mention
Izma Amina FiasLiteratureMiddle School Can I Change The World? Participation
Srividya SiripurapuLiteratureMiddle School I can make the world green!Honorable Mention
Abhiram SridharLiteratureMiddle School Planting one seed at a timeParticipation
Veda GanesanLiteratureMiddle School I Will Change the World by....Being a Positive Role Model, It Takes OneAward of Excellence
Rachel KimLiteratureMiddle School ManzanarAward of Merit
Reyna DanielsLiteratureMiddle School Changing the WorldParticipation
Anika AgrawalLiteratureMiddle School The Perfect GirlHonorable Mention
Rishita MedhiDance Choreography Middle School A Chain Reaction of Happiness Award of Excellence
Iris WangFilm ProductionHigh SchoolThe Drowning WorldAward of Excellence
Iris WangFilm ProductionHigh SchoolOpening the Gates of the InternetHonorable Mention
Saraswathi MenonFilm ProductionHigh SchoolAdopt Don’t ShopAward of Merit
Alice WonVisual ArtsHigh SchoolHelping HandsAward of Merit
Aneesha SaleemVisual ArtsHigh SchoolFill in the VoidParticipation
Cole VenukVisual ArtsHigh SchoolPath of PassionParticipation
Blane WeiblenVisual ArtsHigh SchoolYou are not AloneHonorable Mention
Sam CoxVisual ArtsHigh SchoolLife through my lensHonorable Mention
Danica SizemoreVisual ArtsHigh SchoolCaringAward of Merit
Aarushi KodakallaVisual ArtsHigh SchoolThe Blossoming MaskHonorable Mention
Allison KimVisual ArtsHigh SchoolWake UpHonorable Mention
Ashley ChonVisual ArtsHigh SchoolOur TreasureAward of Merit
Lynzi CluffVisual ArtsHigh SchoolWings of ChangeAward of Excellence
Ravi ShahPhotographyHigh SchoolFeeding The HomelessHonorable Mention
Brandon DavidsonPhotographyHigh SchoolNew BeginningsAward of Merit
Saraswathi MenonPhotographyHigh SchoolUntouchedAward of Excellence
Anika SaiprabhuMusic CompositionHigh SchoolConfidenceAward of Excellence
Juhi AroraLitertureHigh SchoolHow you and I can change the WorldParticipation
Zoey RasdallLitertureHigh SchoolChanging the World by not Conforming to itHonorable Mention
Tina LuoLitertureHigh SchoolAll Because She SmiledAward of Excellence
Saraswathi MenonLitertureHigh SchoolNature’s SymphonyAward of Merit